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We are one of the largest BPS Solutions companies in the tax, accounting, financial, payroll, compliance and advisory areas of the country, with more than 25 years of market presence. We work with innovation, technology and critical thinking to play a role of consultants and partners of our clients. Thus, we contribute to the sustainable growth of the organizations we serve.

Get to know our Business Process Solutions solutions:

Accounting management

We operate with the information processing and accounting management executed by a customized

ERPor through the preferred parametrized ERP of our clients. This allows us to quickly visualize

information and assists the decision making process of the companies we serve, since the information deliver is suitable to the current standards and rules (BRGAAP, US GAAP, IFRS, among others).

Tax analysis and processing

We work with fiscal compliance in the filing of direct and indirect taxes, reported according to the specifications of each organization and with innovative tools, which allows us to mitigate risks regarding the terms and amounts of taxes to be paid.

Management of accounts payable and receivable

Approvals of the accounts payable and receivable procedures are made on the basis of proprietary methodologies managed in systems that guarantee information security and payment terms, which allows greater control of the customer financial data.

Payroll management and processing

We provide payroll services and benefits that offer full administrative and operational support, so that our customers strengthen their strategies of growth and organization of the processes.

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