Our purpose

At HLB, it’s our purpose to make a positive and sustainable impact on the future of our clients, our people and our communities, because we care about their well-being and success.

From economic uncertainty and geopolitical risk to climate change and cybersecurity, organisations today are faced with a broad spectrum of risks to business. In this ever-complex world, we aim to help those within the HLB ecosystem thrive today and in the future. Driven by our shared values and behaviours, we collaborate across the globe and find innovative ways to fulfil this purpose.

Together we make it happen.

Our values and behaviours

Our values and behaviours help us to fulfil our purpose to make a positive and sustainable impact.

As a global network with people across 150+ countries, we represent a vastly diverse set of backgrounds, cultures, religions and so on. United by our purpose, our shared values and behaviours are what we have in common. They represent the base on how we act and make decisions, to create the foundation on which we build trust.

HLB’s six values and behaviours help us realise our purpose through our everyday interactions. They are a key component in how we execute our business strategy and unlock innovation and growth.

We empower change and innovation

Our culture invites people to be innovators, regardless of their position within the organisation. We believe that empowering our people to drive change and adopt an innovative mindset helps find better solutions for the future.

Learn about our social projects

Together with our 3 member firms, we continuously work to develop projects that contribute to opening opportunities that enhance representation and diversity, as well as providing support for socio-environmental preservation.


Our campaigns

HLB Communities Day 2023

In 2023, HLB Brazil focused on assisting families in vulnerable situations. Therefore, we collected non-perishable food items that were donated to the following institutions:

- SAICA Casa Raio de Sol (São Paulo) - Institutional shelter for children and adolescents who cannot live with their families as determined by the justice system.

- Casa de Maria de Nazaré (Campinas) - Social assistance entity promoting citizenship and the right to a dignified life for children, adolescents, and young people in situations of social vulnerability.

- Casa de Apoio à Criança com Câncer Santa Teresa (Rio de Janeiro) - Non-profit institution providing assistance to needy children and young people with cancer.

- Associação Padre João Roberto Ceconello (Curitiba) - Provides support to individuals aged 30 to 59 with mental disorders, referred by the Social Action Foundation of Curitiba.

In total, we collected over 330 kg of food and more than 50 hygiene items.


Socio-environmental programs

Environmental preservation and measures to mitigate the effects caused by globalization are also responsibilities of organizations. Through one of our member firms, we have obtained the Carbon Free certification – demonstrating our commitment to people and the environment by taking effective actions to reduce environmental impact through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions offsetting.

We have also launched a campaign to raise awareness about the disposal of plastic cups, directing our employees' attention towards the future. Globally, 500 million plastic cups are discarded annually, and previously, our offices used over 17,500 cups per month.

As part of this initiative, we distributed reusable cups to all employees and promoted awareness about proper cup disposal, refraining from providing plastic utensils in our offices.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our organization is committed to creating an inclusive environment, growing through differences, and thereby constantly learning the meaning of overcoming challenges. To achieve this, we have developed programs that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including monthly committees for discussions on Women's Empowerment, LGBT+ issues, Ethnicity, and Persons with Disabilities.