Code of conduct

HLB BRASIL MISSION is to provide services of excellence to its customers in an efficient, ethical and correct manner, following the purpose of making a constructive contribution to the country and the communities in which we are inserted, retaining and developing talents, using state-of-the-art technology tools. Our success depends not only on what we do, but also on how we do it. Our commitment is to do what is right.

The Code of Conduct establishes rules of behavior expected from everyone who works for and with HLB BRASIL. This Code of Conduct applies to partners, directors, managers, employees and anyone who provides services under HLB BRASIL brand or to HLB BRASIL, regardless of their assignment of duties or workplace.

We all face difficult decisions in our daily professional life. We want the Code of Conduct to be a guide for the exercise of our values of integrity, respect, discipline, teamwork and quality of excellence.

We encourage you to carefully read the Code of Conduct and promptly report any misconduct of which you are aware directly to the immediate supervisor or other senior of the segment or function; to the leader of the People and Culture area; to a member of the Legal Department; CEO and/or Chairman of the Board.

We encourage ethical and responsible behavior, with strict observance of the laws by all our collaborators, regardless of their title, function or position in the company.

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