Rogério Rokembach

Audit Leader

He has 32 years of experience in auditing and business consulting. Has completed a Certificate program in Accounting and Systems Auditing and in Business Administration and Strategy.

Works as an independent auditor (registered with CVM and CNAI) for Brazilian and international companies. As an accountant (registered with CNPC) has worked in legal and arbitration proceedings (CIESP / FIESP, CAM-CCBC, CAF / FEDERASUL and CAMERS). Serves as a board member and a tax advisor certified by the IBGC – Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa, working in large companies, including regulated companies (CVM and BACEN) and third sector entities.

Has delivered a number of training programs and served as guest speakers in Certificate programs. Has also attended congresses, conferences, conventions, seminars, companies, universities and trade unions as a guest speaker, as he addressed topics related to business, boards, the professional market, risks, auditing, corporate and tax accounting, fraud, organizational culture and ethics, among other matters.

Holds the distinction “Mérito Contábil Ivan Carlos Gatti” and served as Chairman of the Board of Accounting – RS.


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