Our main goal is to recover companies by taking drastic measures as a last resort. We encourage you to contact us before the situation becomes critical. We work to independently and objectively evaluate the business and the financial plan that underpins the restructuring. We have conducted a comprehensive review of the markets and the positioning in them. We assist in the management of cash considering the alternatives of financial restructuring and capital structure as well as, at the front line implementing initiatives of cash improvements.
  • Shock treatment

    We act quickly to identify the short-term financing needs of the business, the available funding sources and we focus on actions to stabilize the company in financial difficulties.

    We work with management to develop a turnaround and management strategy. During this period, we assist management in maintaining control of the situation and act to ensure that all stakeholders are treated fairly.

    Senior and Multidisciplinary Team

    Versatility and experience is key to success. Our team comprises experts in various disciplines who are closely followed by a senior team throughout the project.

    • Capture Opportunities;
    • Cash management in crisis;
    • Operational Turnaround;
    • Renegotiation and restructuring of financial obligations;
    • Cash Flow Projections;
    • Distressed M & A.

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