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We provide technically robust, commercially focused independent evaluations to meet specific customer needs with clear, transparent and credible reporting. HLB’s Valuation team combines professional experience, knowledge from diverse sectors, critical judgment and appropriate methodologies. External opinion, review of models, fair price as well as evaluations for compliance with accounting and tax rules are part of our daily life.


  • Evaluation advice for Mergers and Acquisitions: advice and professional consultation for management, councils and shareholders on transactions;
  • Independent reports: for acquisitions, reverse acquisitions, transactions with related parties, large acquisitions and repurchases including closing of capital;
  • Capital increase: advice on the value of equity issued to new shareholders or partners as well as the issue price of shares and other securities
  • Divestments: analysis and evaluation reports for management, directors and / or shareholders;
  • Financial reports: fair value of investments, assistance in preparing business plans, review of models, liquidity studies and feasibility.

Reports and work for accounting and tax purposes

  • Purchase price allocation (PPA): fair value of tangible and intangible assets (CPC 15 / IFRS 3) and valuation at fair value for goodwill purposes (IN 1700);
  • Values of intangible assets: software, technology, customer relationships, supplier relations, royalties and patents;
  • Tax compliance: impairment tests and goodwill;
  • Fair Value: Fair value studies to meet the legal requirements of Funds for the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry.

Litigation Reports

  • Complex business disputes: assessments for shareholder disputes, purchase price disputes, economic damage calculations, insurance claims, creditors’ and business disputes, dissolution of marriages, and family disputes.

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