Audit and Advisory to top management in the IT area

The leaders of small, medium and large companies are facing many challenges regarding the management of their IT areas. According to a survey carried out by HLB Brasil, 80% of the top managements of companies do not have formal and effective monitoring, nor actions or plans that do not depend on the direct participation of their IT area, that is, they do not have real control over their areas.

These organizations from the most varied sectors (industries, construction companies, education companies, services and commerce) do not have the dimension of how their department is positioning in relation to the market, both in terms of job potential, as well as in financial management. To help CEOs, CFOs and managers, HLB Brasil has developed a unique methodology for auditing and advising the management of IT areas, with solutions that focus on:

  • Diagnosis of the current moment of the IT area;
  • Application and technical audit tests;
  • Analysis of weaknesses and risk points report;
  • Advice and monitoring of action plans for the development of the area;
  • Advice and preparation of contingency plans;
  • Permanent advice on KPIs in the IT area.

Developed through phases, the service relies on the expertise of professionals specialized in strategic IT management, auditing, financial management and cybersecurity.


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