Tax analysis and processing

To ensure fiscal compliance with direct and indirect taxes, we work with an automation system to meet tax payment deadlines.

As tax processing solutions, HLB Brasil operates with:

Direct Taxes

  • Monthly or quarterly calculation of IRPJ and CSLL;
  • Control of Fiscal Loss and Negative Basis of CS;
  • Issuance of DARFs IRPJ/CSLL, if applicable;
  • Preparation of PER/Dcomp (previous period credit shall be responsibility of the CONTRACTING PARTY);
  • Update of recoverable taxes/contributions.

Indirect Tax

  • Invoices registration in system;
  • Billing invoices for services or merchandise through ERP;
  • Issuance of invoices related to the importation of assets;
  • NF-e Issuance of the Service Receiver (NFTS);
  • Analysis and reconciliation of invoices received and issued by sampling;
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions (IPI, ICMS, ISS, PIS, COFINS, ICMS-ST (if any) and withholding taxes (IRRF, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, ISS, INSS, CIDE);
  • Preparation of PER/Dcomp;
  • Issuance of tax and contribution payment slips;
  • Elaboration of tax and contribution calculation statements;
  • Elaboration and transmission of accessory obligations (ICMS GIA for SP and similar in other states if applicable, DCTF, DCTFWEB, REINF, DIRF, EFD Contributions, Tax SPED and PER/DCOMP).

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