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Seeking the productivity of your business, we deliver solutions that enable information management and business management through information technology.

Our expertise:

ERP on Demand

  • Financier;
  • Accounting;
  • Tax Obligation;
  • Revenues;
  • Permanecent assets;
  • Stock;
  • Contract management;
  • Shopping;
  • CRM;
  • Payroll;
  • Costs management;
  • Specific Developments;
  • PMO - Project Management Office.

Specialized Solutions

  • Capture of Invoices;
  • Fiscal Compliance;
  • Complete HR Management (Payroll, benefits and recruitment and selection);
  • Mastersaf;
  • Oracle EBS and Cloud;
  • ERP Protheus TOTVS;
  • Automation of Processes and Manual Tasks via Robotization (RPA).

Software factory:

  • Integrations between ERPS and Platforms;
  • Web Services;
  • Specific Customizations ERP Protheus TOTVS.

Fluig TOTVS BPM Platform:

  • ECM - Electronic Document Management;
  • Corporate Portals;
  • Flows and process of Integration with ERP`S.


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