Revenue extends the deadline for payment of federal taxes – Ordinance n° 139/2020

By Monica Guisalberte


The Minister of State in the use of the powers conferred on him extended the deadline for the payment of Federal taxes through Ordinance n° 139 of April, 2020, which are:

1 – Social Security contributions:

  • Referring to Article 22 of Law n° 8.212 of 1991, payable by the companies to which the beginning I of the caput refers;
  • Solo paragraph of Article 24 of Law n° 8.212 of 1991, due by the domestic employer.

2 – The payment terms of PIS/PASESP Contribution and the Social Security Financing Contribution:

  • Regarding article 18 of Provisional Measure nº 2.158-35 / 2001;
  • Article 10 of Law N° 10.637 / 2002;
  • Article 11 of Law N° 10.833 / 2003.


This Ordinance takes effect on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Union on April 3, 2020..

Monica Guisalberte is the leader of HLB Brasil’s indirect tax operation.

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