Caixa Econômica Federal publishes guidelines for suspension of FGTS


Due to Provisional Measure n° 1.046/2021, which authorizes the employer to suspend, without suffering fines and charges, the payment of the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS) for the competences related to April, May, June and/or July 2021 – Caixa Econômica Federal issued guidelines on temporary suspension through Circular n° 945.

Transfer Price – Obligation and Clarifications

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Normative Instruction RFB n° 1.312 of December 28, 2012, updated by Normative Instruction RFB n° 1.870, provides for the prices to be applied in the purchase and sale of goods, services or rights carried out by an individual or legal entity resident or domiciled in Brazil, with an individual or legal entity resident or domiciled abroad, considered by law to be linked.

Economic Declaration (RDE)


If your company has a foreign partner (Individuals or Legal Entities), you must send to the Central Bank of Brazil the Economic and Financial Statement of Foreign Capital in Brazil (DEF), through the RDE system, which consists of updating the information regarding the capital stock, shareholders’ equity, paid-in capital.